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Attractive Asian Girls every night at 24 Buchanan Rd, Brooklyn.

Girls from all over Asia(Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Hong Kong girls) are ready to comfort, spoil and welcome you to Octopuses Brothel.

We have a great selection of girls of all nationalities, Our seductive, gorgeous, sexy girls will ignite your sense and fulfill your wildest fantasies leaving you breathless and with an experience that will blow your mind.

We have plenty of parking available private instruction format. You can meet each lady individually and discuss your personal requirement.

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• Monday to Thur : 10:30am - 3am
• Friday / Saturday : 10:30am - 4am
• Sunday : 10:30am - 3am

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Full Service Relaxation Octopuses Brothel

20 min


Full Service

30 min


Full Service

45 min


Full Service

60 min


Full Service

Optopuses’s accepts cash and credit cards(Credit Card will incur a service fee).

Your credit card statement WILL NOT display any sexual references or refer to “Octopuses”.

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Octopuses is a legal and reputable Melbourne Brothel that has enjoyed an impeccable reputation for having high class professional Ladies for many years.

We always put the well-being and happiness of Sex Workers first and provide all ladies an environment where they feel safe and respected.

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